Grow Height-Herbal Height Growth Powder (banana flavor) (Pack of 100gm x 4)

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Product Type: Ayurveda & Organic Products  General Ayush

Brand: HMV Herbals 

Pack size: Pack of 4 

Form: Powder 

Ideal For: All 

Gender: Unisex 

Ayurvedic Height Growth | Height Grow | Height Increase | GROW HEIGHT (Powder) is a vital and compelling mix of herbs that fixes organ related infections. It enhances blood circulation of the human body. Along with this, it builds up power for its smooth working. Regular consumption of GROW HEIGHT- HEIGHT INCREASE SUPPLEMENT improves liver, the process of digestion and also activates the organ as well. The muscles and organs of the body encounter a smooth stream and flow of blood. It restores the affectability of iron deficient operational herbs which results in normal development and physical advancement to pick up stature further. It additionally stores calcium in skeletal muscles important for stature gain. This ayurvedic GROW HEIGHT- HEIGHT INCREASE SUPPLEMENT fixes general shortcoming and adds to the advancement of the entire body. This is available in two flavors Banana & Chocolate. This is purely herbal and no side effect.

Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 14 cm
Hmv Herbals
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