HMV Herbals Fit Buddy Herbal Body Growth Capsule 90 Pack of 3

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Brand: HMV Herbals

Product Type: Ayurveda & Organic Products

Pack size: Pack of 3 

Form: Capsule 

Ideal For: All 

Gender: Unisex 

Body Grow | Mass Gainer | Muscle Gainer | FIT BUDDY (CAPSULES) is a health supplement for healthy body management or mass gainer. This is a vital and compelling mix of herbs that fixes organ related infections. It enhances blood circulation of the human body. Along with this, it builds up power for its smooth working. It supports in weight management, body growth, muscle power and reduce extra fat production. Ayurvedic supplements works best when combined with a healthy nutritious diet do exercise with that. It helps in managing m e t a b o l i s m & supports to reduce fat & gives perfect body shape. Also gives you a leveled confidence & a positive attitude to face the situations. It is available in capsules & powder both forms. Try it once. This is purely herbal and no side effect.

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Hmv Herbals
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