V-Care Wash

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V-CARE WASH is a feminine hygiene product that is safe to use on a daily basis, especially while bathing or showering.

V-CARE WASH Is A 100% Natural plant based product which is most effectively maintain intimate hygiene.
“V-CARE WASH is a cleansing solution formulated specifically for women’s intimate areas. Intimate wash is a product that is used to treat dryness, itching, and irritation in intimate areas.”
When it comes to personal hygiene, women are particularly concerned with their skin and hair. Intimate area hygiene, on the other hand, is not widely discussed. However, just like any other part of the body, it is critical to keep one’s intimate areas clean to avoid infections and other health risks.
The V-CARE contains a unique lactic acid formulation that helps keep the vaginal pH balanced while soothing it to prevent irritation, itching, dryness, and odour.
V-CARE WASH doesn’t have any toxic chemicals and ingredients.

Key Ingredients:
● Sea Buckthorn Oil
● Aloe vera
● Gulab
● Tesu
● Nerm
● Majuphal
● Turmeric
● Purified Water
● Glycerine

Key Benefits:
● Prevents bacterial infections and skin inflammation.
● Vaginal discomfort, itching, and dryness are reduced.
● It has a light scent that aids in the prevention of bad vaginal odour.
● Cleans and sanitises the intimate area, leaving it smelling great.
● Its lactic acid formulation aids in the maintenance of the vaginal pH balance.
● Even during periods, it is convenient to use. As a result, the product is ideal for maintaining optimal hygiene during your menstrual cycle.

Directions For Use:
V-CARE WASH is a feminine hygiene product that is safe to use on a daily basis, especially while bathing or showering.
Avoid using your vagina more than twice a day to keep the pH of your vagina at a healthy level.
Apply V-Wash on Intimate part then rinse off with water.

Safety Information:
● Read the label carefully before use
● Stop using & contact us if you face any issue.
● Keep out of the reach of children
● Keep the container tightly closed
● Do not use if the seal is broken
● Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight

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  1. steller

    Sexual wellness products are really very good

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    good products

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